CBD Strain: Basotho Choice (M-5806)

Get ready for the next MG Health product launch, introducing Basotho Choice, known internally as M-5806.

M-5806 is a flexible strain with lower psychoactive properties, it comprises of about 80% indica and 20% Sativa. It has a high Beta-Myrcene content, there is some research available indicating that Beta-Myrcene may assist with relief from an inflammatory perspective. More research however is required.

The parents are ACDC and Otto Kush. The mother inherited her indica side from ACDC, a dominant hybrid with clustered buds that delivers about 15 % total CBD. Our breeders selected Otto Kush to bring balance to this new strain. Otto Kush is an energizing cultivar with a good peppery pine terpene profile.

M-5806 was then selected from a pool of seeds from this cross after a vigorous chemotype and phenotype testing program. Its high tolerance to stress, mildew and hermaphrodism as well as its clustered bud morphology, and stability in growth were the defining features. It is also well adapted to an altitude of over 2 000 meters above sea level.

It is an aesthetically unique cultivar boasting shades of purple on the leaves and buds with a tantalizing grape aroma; hence its Grape Cluster nickname. Its trichomes produce about 13 – 15 % total CBD.