27th January 2020:

Medical cannabis company MG Health Limited, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Drug Science (UK) in a ‘first of its kind’ clinical research project known as Project Twenty21.

The Project will target 20,000 UK patients, presenting with indications of Chronic Pain; Anxiety Disorder; Epilepsy; Multiple Sclerosis (MS); Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Substance Use Disorder and Tourette’s Syndrome.

The aim is to enrol 20,000 patients onto an observational study, before the end of 2021. The study will investigate the potential benefits that medical cannabis has to offer patients and provide prescribers with the evidence of treatment efficacy.

MG Health CEO, Andre Bothma says, “We are a data driven organisation and are delighted to support this initiative. This study is a significant step in building a body of evidence necessary to demonstrate therapeutic efficacy, provide guidance for prescribers and manage the expectations of patients regarding the benefits of medical cannabis”.

David Badcock, CEO – Drug Science adds, “I am truly delighted that MG Health have joined Project Twenty21. This is an immensely exciting project that has been designed to remove the barriers that come with a lack of evidence-based data so that prescribers can become more confident, the industry can become more informed and patients can have access where and when cannabinoid treatment is appropriate. We believe that Project Twenty21 will change the landscape in the UK medical cannabis field, and this partnership with MG Health advances that effort in a major way.”

The study aims at ensuring all registered participants, many of whom have not had success with alternative treatments, will receive medical cannabis at an affordable cost. This will ultimately allow the study to collect real-world data (‘RWD’), to assess efficacy, safety and patient-reported outcomes.

MG Health is committed to supply world-class medical cannabis products globally and is one of five medical cannabis companies initially selected for this pilot.   The suppliers have been selected to give comfort to the prescribers that only medical grade cannabis products are put on the formulary and that they are safe, consistent, stable and are supported by a professional team to manage any questions and respond to any adverse reactions experienced by participants.

MG Health has both its cultivation and state-of-the-art processing facilities based 2,000 metres above sea-level in the mountainous Kingdom of Lesotho, where clean air and a pristine environment contribute towards the growth of high quality, pesticide free cannabis products.

Further to this, MG Health is proud of its role in contributing to the upliftment of the local community and their families. Participation in this project is in keeping with the company’s objective of being a leader in the field of medical cannabis.

Project Twenty21 has the support The Royal College of Psychiatrists, The British Pain Society, the United Patients Alliance and patient groups.

MG Health plans to drive ambitious growth in the rapidly growing list of countries that have established a legal framework for the use of medical cannabis. Additionally, the company will look to address the needs of consumers who are taking a more pro-active approach to their health, a notable trend in developed markets where health and wellness are growing sectors, and where the business can meet the demands of informed consumers for product integrity and quality.


Project Twenty21 https://drugscience.org.uk/project-twenty21/

MG Health Limited www.MGHealth.com



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