A Month in the Life of an African Medical Cannabis Producer – October Edition:

We are thrilled to kick off this exciting journey of keeping you, our valued subscribers, and stakeholders, in the loop about all things MG Health. Our regular newsletters will serve as a means to keep you up to date with the progress, developments, and growth that our organisation continues to experience as we look to cast our global network, and subsequent distribution, net wider. This content will cover a wide spectrum of topics that are inherent in any cannabis business – from cultivation right through to manufacturing, distribution, and R&D. We are a company that is people-focused and community-driven, and we cannot wait to keep you informed on our various environmental and social projects.

Stay tuned for our regular dose of “A Month in the Life of an EU GMP Medical Cannabis Producer” updates and feel free to reach out – we are always eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. After all, you’re an essential part of our MG Health family.


One of the main reasons for the expansion of our facility was to enable us to react to market changes more proficiently by harvesting a larger range of genetics more frequently. This was exemplified during the month of October as we harvested five different strains, two of which are new, high-THC strains that we are looking forward to releasing into Germany, followed by the United Kingdom in the near future. The new greenhouses have started proving their expected worth, with the increase in yields and plant health being undeniably noticeable.


The recent expansion has significantly amplified our manufacturing workload, as we aim to capitalise on the economies of scale, with the same workforce and equipment managing an increased input from cultivation. The month of October also saw our warehouse become operational, which serves as a centralised storage hub for packaging, consumables, and the final product, all of which have effectively been separated into their respective zones.

Message from our Production Manager- Mosele Tsemane:

As a production unit, we are enjoying the challenge of processing more material and new orders to new markets. This all comes with increased complexity, as the specifications and requirements differ between markets. The tight focus on our GMP processes enables us to tackle these challenges and support our distribution partners around the world. As a production team we always say that we are “happiest when packing orders”, so currently we are all very happy.

Business Development:

We pride ourselves on being able to serve the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world. As our operation grows, so does our distribution network, which we look forward to sharing with you monthly in these newsletters. Looking past just the month of October, MG Health currently and actively services the following markets:

  • Germany
  • Malta
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa

Growth in the logistical capabilities of the team in navigating the various challenges of moving narcotics around the world has developed tremendously and we look forward to bringing on additional markets in the near future.

Additionally, our facility recently has had the privilege of hosting visitors and potential partners from Australia and the Portugal. We take great pride in the establishment we have developed in the Maluti Mountains, which is why we consistently extend invitations to both current and prospective customers, encouraging them to witness firsthand the scale and excellence of our operations.

Environmental and Social:

We pride ourselves on being a company that is people-focused, where profitability is not an end, but a means to drive positive change in our community. As a team, we are most excited about using these newsletters as a domain for us to inform you about the community projects, past and present, that we run as a company.

As a testament to our commitment, we are in the process of installing goals at the Ha Noha football field—a part of our expansion project. This development, initiated at the request of the community, aligns with our dedication to community enhancement. We eagerly anticipate hosting a series of festive events around the football field, further solidifying our commitment to fostering community spirit and enjoyment.

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