The beginning of our process is ensuring the cultivation of the highest quality and consistent biomass from a natural source. This is necessary to set the platform for the manufacturing of a consistent end-product with a stable chemical profile and potency that patients can rely on.


MG Health’s cultivation facilities are laid out and its QA/QC systems are designed in accordance with Good Agricultural Practice principles.

Growing high-quality organic biomass is best achieved by employing experienced staff, experienced in the cultivation of cannabis in various environments, namely indoor, greenhouse and open air.

With quality and consistency of the medical cannabis product being of greater importance to MG Health than production yield, expertise is required to adapt the cultivation techniques to compensate for the local environment and seasonal changes.

Consistent quality end-product

The challenge is producing a consistent end-product

Cultivating a high quality and consistent biomass from a natural source, is necessary to set the platform for the manufacture of a consistent end-product with a stable chemical profile and potency.


These stringent processes have been designed on a scale that allows for the future growth of the business and ensuring that all customers demands are met without compromising quality.

Drying and processing system

Uniquely designed drying and processing systems ensure that the integrity of the plant oils is retained and enhanced through the extraction process.

Quality management system

Each step is carefully monitored by an integrated quality management system to ensure batch consistency, stability and compliance to quality standards.

Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness is built into the MG Health’s ethos and all by-products of the extraction process are reclaimed and put to use in the cultivation processes.

Lab Testing

All compliance testing and analysis of MG Health product is conducted by LuCan Laboratories (Pty) Ltd (LuCan Labs).

LuCan Labs stands as a pioneering independent testing facility, spearheading advancements in Africa with its comprehensive quality control practices. While conducting a range of testing procedures, including water testing, our primary focus lies in the meticulous examination and analysis of cannabis and cannabis products in diverse forms. These forms include the raw flower, crude, edibles, tinctures and distillates.

Customers receive Certificates of Analysis (COA) detailing the test results conducted on their orders. The core objective of our thorough testing is to guarantee customers’ peace of mind, ensuring that their products conform to both public safety standards and the required quality benchmarks.

LuCan Labs operates under strict confidentiality protocols and upholds a secure facility with access control measures, including security stationed at the main building entrance and two biometric access control points, ensuring controlled entry into the main laboratory.



The MG Health Facility has been designed in accordance with EU GMP principles, including HEPA filtration, pressurization, dehumidification, temperature control and process flow controls, whilst natural prevention techniques are used for the control of mould, mildew and mites.

Crude Extract is considered a pharmaceutical API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and is processed in the MG Health facility into a number of dosage forms and formats.

All final products undergo full spectrum testing, including testing for insecticides, mycotoxins, active ingredient assay and the like.

In line with requirements for GMP, full traceability is maintained, from the phenotype to the final product.