Meet the Team – Mosele Tsemane

Meet Mosele, our Production Manager!

Mosele is a qualified Engineer with Masters in Chemical Engineering. He is an extrovert who thrives off of working with people from different backgrounds.

In 2019, Mosele started working at MG Health as a Production Assistant and worked his way up to his current position, Production Manager. Like most Chemical Engineering graduates, Mosaele has always aspired to be a Production Manager; and today is living his dream and more. He has been privileged to be mentored by Chemical Engineers and Pharmacists – both with extensive experience in Pharma. This accelerated his growth and confidence in leading the Production team in different Processing Areas within MG Health GMP Facility.

How has MG Health as a company impacted your life in a positive way?
“I love what I do, it is so much in line with what I studied and my personality! I enjoy every development in processing quality medicinal cannabis products; and passing on the knowledge to our dedicated staff. We are winning, MG Health is an African Pioneer in Cannabis, they are creating new cannabis products and literature, and developing the lives of the people. I am part of MG Health, and it is pure bliss!!!”

Describe how you feel about your work environment.
“MG Health fosters an inclusive environment that cultivates belonging, this is seen in its rapid growth rate. MG Health takes care of the employees, and employees in turn take care of product quality. We are working together to win, we are one and this is not just a job, but mission to win and pioneer this industry!”

Mosele describes MG Health as: Employee Centric, Innovative and Passionate