Testing with LuCan Labs

All analysis as per pre-approved specifications of MG Health products are conducted by LuCan Laboratories (Pty) Ltd (‘LuCan Labs’). LuCan Labs is an independent testing facility leading the way in Africa through extensive quality control, conducting various testing procedures, based on validated methods as per Ph. Eur. or in-house methods. The main focus of LuCan Labs is on the testing and analysis of Cannabis Flos and Cannabis products, in various forms. LuCan Labs also performs testing on water.

LuCan Labs is fully equipped to test any form of cannabis including flower (Flos), crude, edibles, tinctures, isolates and distillates.

Customers are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) encompassing the results of the tests conducted. Comprehensive testing includes: cannabinoid profile, Loss on Drying (LOD), heavy metals, pesticides, terpene profile, residual solvents, microbiological contaminants (outsourced) and mycotoxins (outsourced).

LuCan Labs ensures strict confidentiality between themselves and the customer and is based in a secure location with access control via security in the main building and two biometric access control points before entry into the main laboratory.

For more information about LuCan Labs you can visit www.lucan.com