Bafokeng Choice Strain Review

Nothing makes us happier than making our patients happy!

A review from @cannabiologe (on Instagram)

“After a few days, the current batch makes me almost speechless… 

The mixture of terpenes with an incredibly unique interaction of cannabigerol is really crass currently 0.9% ….

The new batch at 21.6% has made it into the upper top of the medicinal strains in my opinion and is almost on the way to becoming unbeatable….

The first batches were fine but there were still a few problems with sugar leaves and co…. But you can see here that the CIP is working and the development process has brought an incredibly good result to the fore….

Even the initial very well-intentioned drying has turned into a nice residual moisture…

All in all I am enthusiastic about the variety and the new batch, if the quality stays the same or even gets a little better, Drapalin with Bafokeng is one of the top players on the German medicinal market when it comes to flowers…”

Thank you for your review!