The Cannabis Forum Strain Review

A strain review of our Bafokeng Choice (White Lemon x Marakabei Local) by The Cannabis Forum.

“Produced in the landlocked South African country of Lesotho, the non-irradiated buds are a cross between the California strain White Lemon and a local landrace strain in Marakabei (Lesotho). This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid-Strain.

The aroma is a bit subtle but very interesting. It reminds me of a few fresh flowers and spices/herbs accompanied by a woody background tone. The taste certainly doesn’t disappoint, offering a decent shot of (sweet) fruitiness from the aroma but with more pronounced acidity.

The light (mint) green hue, long bronze hairs and glowing trichomes on the flowers look very appealing to me. The flowers are predominantly medium-sized and are neatly trimmed. The buds do not crumble or crumble in your hand and feel slightly resinous when crushed.

I observed some buds under my microscope and couldn’t detect any (negative) abnormalities, only clear and milky trichomes. The THC according to the manufacturer, the content of this batch is 19.6%. This medicinal cannabis strain has a pronounced euphoric effect that can help relieve the anxiety and stress of the day and combat symptoms of fatigue. This could also give way to a secondary relaxing effect that can help relieve both chronic and acute pain. Alongside the long-lasting relaxing and calming Indica-Effect, an uplifting and mentally stimulating feeling can be identified.

The calming effect on the body and mind feels very balanced. If you are looking for relaxing activities that require a high level of alertness and focus, this strain is the right choice. A positive mood is noticeable immediately after taking it and the stress fades away.

The complete transparency that we get for this product can be praised here at this point and a big compliment to DRAPALIN and MG Health. I’m very excited to see how the next batches will turn out and whether we can look forward to more flower varieties.”

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