In-Process Quality Control

At MG Health Manufacturing, we have in place strict quality controls to make sure that we produce Cannabis flower of the highest quality. We do not wait until after the batch is finished to test the quality of our product. At every step of our processes, we have In-Process Quality Controls (IPQC) that serve as control gates to allow only material that meets our strict specifications to pass through to the next stage of processing.

The wet Cannabis we receive into our facility during a harvest, is checked to ensure that it has less than two percent (≤ 2 %) foreign matter. During drying of the flower in our Drying Rooms and just before unloading the flower, multiple IPQC tests are carried out to ensure that drying is occurring as per our validated processes and bulk product specifications.

This is to certify that the desired moisture content is reached before we unload the flower from our Drying Rooms. IPQC tests are further carried out on an hourly basis during trimming and packaging to ensure that we consistently deliver a high-quality product as per specifications to meet the customer requirements.