Once our dense Cannabis flower has cured and been released for packaging after extensive testing, it is packed into sealed foil pouches (different pack sizes based on customer requirements) before shipping to customers in Europe and beyond.

This is done in a controlled environment following EU GMP principles to maintain the quality of Cannabis during packing. Foil sealed bags are used to preserve the cannabis during shipment, on shelves and in use.

With each batch we are packaging, Quality Control performs In-Process Quality Checks (IPQC) to assure consistency in packed bags, weight checks and labelling as per each Batch Packaging Record.

Retention samples are kept should further testing be required. Our packed Cannabis flower is released by the Responsible Pharmacist/Qualified Person based on a thorough review of all Batch Documentation, including COAs.

Finished Products are shipped according to Good Distribution Practices, with data loggers to monitor temperature and humidity through the logistics process from when the shipment leaves MG Health’s site until received by the Logistic Partner in a temperature-controlled warehouse/facility. Each shipment undergoes a Transport Verification Process.