Research and Development

MG Health has an R&D Department mandated to develop up-scalable Cannabis processing methods in line with current GMP guidelines. Part of this is to establish final product standards and specifications. R&D comprises of a Flower Division and an Oil Division. Working hand in hand (glove in glove) with the Production and QA Departments, the flower research focuses on bettering the quality of the flower through the exploration of effective drying, curing, trimming, and packaging methods, as well as exploring efficient microbial control strategies to avoid flower spoilage.

The Oil Division is tasked with the development, evaluation, testing, and optimization of process parameters for identified Cannabis oil derived products/constituents. The composition and inherent quality of Cannabis oil and its derivatives are strongly dependent on the efficiency of both extraction and purification methods employed in processing. It is therefore imperative that process parameters are carefully controlled, monitored, and optimized to guarantee a consistent desired product quality and potency.

We continually work to improve our process parameters for Cannabis oil extraction, purification, isolation of cannabinoids, evaluation of terpene profiles and product formulation for already in place technologies. It is the goal of the R&D Department to work towards the development of new Cannabis products and processes that conform to regulatory requirements (country specific), products that improve quality of Life.