Staff Training

At MG Health all newly appointed employees undergo training on Health and Safety, Human Resource policies and Security rules as part of their induction training for the whole site. An introduction in the form of basic cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) is given to all employees joining the EU GMP Manufacturing Facility. More specific training is conducted as per the employee’s job profile/job description. The job profile serves as a guide to perform theoretical training on procedures as well as on the job training on processes.

Training in our environment, as an accredited pharmaceutical company, is crucial, and focus is given to making cGMP a continuous process of improvement. At MG Health any updates to regulatory guidelines are incorporated into the workplace, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are reviewed and updated where required to be in line with current processes, and training is continuously provided. There is constant emphasis on procedural or process changes within manufacturing, to ensure that such changes do not have any impact on product quality, safety or effectiveness as per the basic principles of cGMP. Training is conducted in such a manner to reflect current practices and to ensure that all employees understand the criticalities involved. Through training, the focus remains on continuous improvement.